Thursday, May 26, 2005

Welcome to My Blog!

Well, I've taught Catholic school. I've taught RCIA. I've been a cantor and written several books on Catholicism. So, now I am taking a big leap and starting my own blog. You know, I know we've had a lot of great thinkers in the Church: St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Thomas More. But, I just thought with my years of Church worker experience, that I should 1) write books and 2) start a blog so that I could continue the great work they and other great thinkers in our Church have started.

Plus, I will link to various news sites and blogs and tell you what I think. If you don't agree with me (or if I have just have bad PMS), I may be really snippy to you. If you argue with me, one of my sychophants (retirees, people who goof off on the job and read blogs) will probably jump you. Right now, I am trying to enlist a well-known Catholic convert blogger/apologist to regularly post to my blog. I think it adds a little flavor. If you are a well-known Catholic convert blogger/apologist, please contact me at

Striving to be a Higher Being