Thursday, May 26, 2005

My Favorite Books

Here are my favorite books on Catholicism. They are all written by me, a former cantor who has two bachelor's degrees, or my husband, who has also taught RCIA. Now, my husband is even smarter than me, because he has a Master's Degree and he was in seminary for a year. Yeah. There is a lot of Catholic brainpower on this list.

1) Maureen Dowd, In All Christian Charity, I Hate Your Guts by Maureen Martin
2) Blogging: When Your God-Given Vocation Just Isn't Enough by Maureen Martin
3) How to Be an Obnoxious Catholic Power Couple by Maureen Martin and Thomas Martin
4) How to Market Your Conversion to Catholicism by Thomas Martin
5) Protestants Suck, and Other Bedtime Stories by Maureen Martin
6) What Teaching RCIA Taught Us About the Gospels by Thomas Martin and Maureen Martin
7) Blog It! Turn Your Blog Into a Turn-Key Business by Thomas Martin
8) Understanding the Bible, Finally by Maureen Martin
9) My Take on the New Testament by Maureen Martin
10) Kid's Rock: A Child's Intro to Catholicism by Maureen Martin
11) Benedict XVI: The Pop-Up Book, A Treasury for Children by Maureen Martin

Which of these books is your favorite and why?

Striving to be a Higher Being