Thursday, May 08, 2008

My post is up at "Stuff Catholics Like"


It may be hard for you to believe, but I have actually found the time to squeeze a new apostolate into my already busy life. In addition to mentoring a new cantor at church and teaching an advent wreath making class at Michael's (evangelism is very important, as you know), I am writing posts for "Stuff Catholics Like," a new blog. These won't be news stories, but informative posts designed to teach. Please check it out here. The first post is about laypeople. It's all about me, and it is a subject very near-and-dear to my heart!

Thank goodness I found this fantastic order of nuns to care for my family and make it all possible!

Der Tommissar is.... back. He makes me laugh really hard.

Meanwhile, I am looking into becoming a member of Patrick and Matthew's family.. They are willing to trade a sister and possibly supply me with Diet Coke, so we'll see.

Oh, if you were offended in any way by my Laypeople post, you might enjoy this news story from a couple of years ago -- or you might just get offended again. :)

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