Wednesday, June 15, 2005

New Catholic Apostolate Launched in Texas

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Crescite et Multiplicamini!, a new lay apostolate was created in the basement of St. George's Catholic Church in Austin, Texas, Saturday.

The kickoff meeting of Crescite et Multiplicamini!, which is Latin for Increase and Multiply, attracted 25 people from the parish. Dom Anthony, the apostolate's founder, said he was not quite sure what the
apostolate's mission would be, but that he wanted to focus on growth, and getting the apostolates into nearby parishes.

"Can you imagine if there had been apostolates back in Jesus' day what He could have done?" asked Anthony. "It just blows my mind to think about it."

Thanks to Anthony's charismatic style, the group has already voted to start a newsletter, and has set up several committees to help members do God's will.

Mimi Tussler, a teacher at St. George's Catholic Elementary School, said she is thrilled to finally be part of an apostolate. "I am not sure what our focus should be," she said. "But, if it gets me out of the house and away from my kids a while, it's worth it."

There were even murmurs at the meeting about a possible future cause for beatification for Anthony. "Of course, he'd have to die first," said Tussler. "And, this group would have to get a lot bigger,
but I could see it happening."

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