Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Daily Kos Posters Struggle to Put "Best Spin" on "Constitutional Right"

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Although Roe v. Wade was passed in 1973, posters at Daily Kos, the country's most-heavily visited liberal blog, are still struggling to find the best "spin" for this "constitutional right."

"The country's on our side," said Kos, founder of Daily Kos, "but we need to frame this in such a way, so that everyone will accept it."

After a flurry of posts between cinnamongirl, doglover, and castrobean, it was decided the Democratic Party's best argument is: "Safe, Legal & Rare."

"There, that's it. Enough said," posted castrobean.

However, not everyone in the thread was happy. "Why rare?" asked phillyfreedom. "If this is my Constitutitional right, why am I being forced to experience restrictions?"

"Yeah," said cactusgirl. "There's nothing wrong with abortion.Why make it rare? You are just giving the Repugs something to chip away at."

Doglover then accused catcusgirl and phillyfreedom of actually thinking abortion is wrong. "Why don't you find another thread?" he asked. "Looks like you are in the wrong one. Listen, rare is a great argument, OK?"

Finally, mr.newyork posted his argument. "Well, brain surgery is not morally wrong, but it is unpleasant, so you would want that rare, right?"

After a few minutes of no response, mr.newyork posted again. "OK, you would want colonoscopies to be rare, right? They aren't morally wrong, but they are unpleasant. Even Anti-Choice people would agree with that, right? "
Cactusgirl still wasn't satisfied. "Yes, but no one is out there arguing that colonoscopies should be made rare. That's stupid."

"Look, rare sounds good. People will accept that," mr.newyork posted again.
"The way to make it rare is birth control," he added. " We need to get more birth control out there to make abortion rare."

"Hey, but the U.S. has one of the highest rates of abortion, and most people have access to birthcontrol. How is that an answer?" asked oscarfan.

"Safe, Legal & Rare. That's the argument," repeated mr.newyork.

"But, that frame doesn't work anymore," posted phillyfreedom.
"OK, well, let's just stick with legal," said cactusgirl.

"Legal? What's that going to prove to anybody. It used to be legal to own slaves in this country. What does something being legal prove?" asked anonvoter.
"Look, it's our best argument," posted Kos.
To be continued....
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This is a fictional news story, but some of the arguments here are straight out of D Kos.

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