Monday, May 30, 2005

Email of the Day

I received this dispatch today from Blessing1991. This was the only email I received today. I didn't even receive any spam or bulk mail today. National Holiday=Slow News Day.

The Word Is Out...You're Maureen one of the blogs (not one you're
attacking - a
secular one) for details, soon. They're on the
case. Big fun will ensue!

Heh. This person thinks I am Maureen Dowd. Heh heh. Can't wait to sift through the million + blogs to find the one secular blog this person is talking about. Hey blogger, maybe you have time to sift through a million blogs, but I don't. I teach an advent wreath making class now.

BTW, I am not attacking anyone or any blog. I am merely making fun of "celebrity" bloggers, some of whom happen to be religious bloggers. I think there are some great blogs out there, that serve a real purpose and don't feature celebrity bloggers (one example is "After Abortion," an excellent and compassionate blog.) I am sorry, though, but people who have blogs that scream, "Support my Apostolate" or "Buy My Books About Jesus," or "I know we actually have a Pope, but I think I am right up there with him, so listen to me!" or "My Ego is the Size of a Large Third World Country!" or have opened themselves up for jokes, etc.

Striving to be a Higher Being