Sunday, May 29, 2005

E-Mail of The Day

I received this email from a young man today:

Why aren’t you asking for donations? Your site is so wonderful and blesses so many people. You should be “blessed” for this. I’m a convert too, but I haven’t forgotten that God wants me to be rich. “Muzzle not the ox who treads out the grain.” Maybe you can come up with something to catch people’s attention like “You Can Support My Apostolate By Saving Big $$$$ on Monthly Bills!!! Please read more to Learn How”

Also, you and your husband need to have a speaking tour, but be sure you get a good consultant to show you how to make big money. Just think, you can make a couple grand a night talking about yourselves. But, like I said, get a consultant first. You will want to have a minimum number of attendants guaranteed, rigid rules of publicity, and of course a minimum fee. I mean things have changed since the days of St. Paul, who made tents to support himself, and St. Thomas More who refused to allow the bishops to compensate him for defending the faith against Tyndale. It takes money to explain why the church forbade the selling of indulgences.

Interesting. I wonder if there is a way to make the HTML blink on and off "Buy my new book: To Hell with Materialism."

Striving to be a Higher Being