Thursday, July 14, 2005

Catholic Apologists Injured Following Game of Uncle

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PADUCAH, KY. -- Andy Donovan and John Wade, two well-known Protestant-turned-Catholic-apologists, were arrested Thursday night following a game of uncle that went horribly awry on Wade's farm in Paducah, Kentucky.

Earlier in the evening, Donovan the author of Catholic By the Grace of God, and Wade author of I'm Catholic and I'm Right, began debating papal issues, before it ultimately led to a fight.

"Andy was pulling John's nose, and John was biting Andy's leg," said Wade's wife, Michelle. "Andy kept yelling, "'Say Uncle! Say Uncle! Tell me I'm Scott Hahn-worthy' It was awful."

According to Michelle Donovan, the two best-selling authors were debating what it means to follow the Pope in matters of 'faith and morals.' The two discussed whether or not it was morally licit to listen to the rockgroup Rush now since Pope Benedict XVI, back when he was cardinal, said that rock music is the complete antithesis of Christian faith in the redemption. The two also debated whether or not it was permissible now to watch football on Sunday, since the former Pope who wrote an encyclical about the sabbath, John Paul II, was dead.

"John kept turning up the song "Tom Sawyer" on his boom box louder and louder, which was kind of hard to believe since he was upside down, biting my husband's leg at the same time," said Karla Donovan. "It was all very disturbing. I guess they won't be working on their apologetics and evangelization blog together anymore."

After police were called, Donovan was taken to the hospital for a tetanus shot. Wade suffered only superficial injuries. After an overnight stay in the county jail, Donovan and Wade were released. Both men declined to be interviewed.

Morris Daniels, who lives and farms up the road from Wade, said the noise was so loud, he came by to see if the family was OK. "There was blood everywhere. I thought there had been a cockfight."

Daniels said the reason for the fight mystifies him. "I don't know what either Pope believed, but it seems like neither one would approve of beating the stuffing out of somebody. That's just my opinion, though."

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