Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Weird Meme

Generally, I don't do the meme thing, as I feel it could potentially chip away at my "bigger-than-life persona." However, since my politically progressive Anglican blogger friend from the Great White North, Cycles, tagged me, I thought I would give it a whirl:

So...here are five weird things about me....

1)Sometimes when I get stressed out or really into a project, I will squeeze my face.Yeah, it's weird and I have done it since childhood. Maybe this is a mild case of Tourette's; I have no idea. Sometimes I don't even realize I am doing it. Then, I immediately look around to see if anybody noticed.

2) When I was a child, I thought numbers had gender. You know, one is a boy and two is a girl. I mean...not that I still think that or anything.

3) Some people say they have OCD, but I really do. Plus, I have a bad shorterm memory. On several occasions, when single, I thoughtI accidentally took too much Benadryl and called Poison Control, concerned I might die. Fortunately,my old roommate had a good sense of humor and thought it was funny that Poison Control called us in the middle of the night on two separate occasions to see if I were still alive.

4) I can tell when Diet Coke has exceeded its shelf life just on the basis of one gulp.

5) In college, when a professor would give a lecture, I would oftentimes imagine myself typing the words out in my head as he talked. It was an automatic and rather annoying thing.

I had a hard time editing this down to five, btw. I would like to hear from some of the other regulars who have not done this exercise -- Tom, Rick, Maggie, Lucy, et al....in the comboxes.....Warning: this post may self-destruct after awhile.

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