Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pope Partial to Catholics, Say Most Americans in New Poll

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Does Pope Benedict Play Favorites?

ALLENTOWN, PA. -- Could the Holy Father have a soft spot for Catholics? That is the belief of the majority of Americans surveyed in a new TIME Magazine/CNN poll released today.

In the poll, of 3,058 people surveyed, 95 percent of respondents said they believed Pope Benedict XVI is "partial to those of the Catholic faith", and 83 percent of those surveyed said they believe the Pope "spends too much time thinking about, praying for, and dealing with Catholics."

"The poll results are pretty stunning," said Dan Wright, senior religion editor at TIME magazine. "According to most Americans, he comes across as being pretty obsessed with Catholics. People want to know what the deal is."

According to the poll, some are upset about the favoritism. "He always seems to be interested in their issues,"said Peter Knight, a Boise, Idaho, Mormon apologist and writer. "He could write an encyclical to us if he wanted. I mean, we had that whole polygamy episode and everything. That was pretty newsworthy. I haven't heard any rumblings of that, though. What do I have to do, become a Catholic?"

"I'm pretty offended," said Roger McNelty, senior art director for Hoffman/Turner Advertising Agency in Allentown, PA. "I'm a lapsed Episcopalian bisexual with Attention Deficit Disorder, and I have yet to hear the Pope mention anything about my specific needs in any of his speeches."

George Fitzpatrick, a religious analyst in Wichita, Kansas, has been tracking data on Pope Benedict since he was elected to the papacy. "If this trend continues the Pope may find his following restricted primarily to Roman Catholics."

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