Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Group Presses Vatican for Non-Catholic Canonized Saints

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How would the Vatican feel about Sts. John and George?

LOS ANGELES -- You've heard of St. Paul and St. Patrick, but what about St. John Lennon and St. James Dean? A Los Angeles-based group said it hopes to break the Vatican's tight grip on who gets to be a saint and who doesn't.

Our Cause
founder James Dominic said he started the group so other deserving people will finally get recognition. "It is so unfair that the Vatican only considers Catholics for their elite club," he said.

"What about the creators of Sesame Street? Aren't they as important as some guy who hung out with lepers on an island?"

So far, Dominic has recruited 100 members to his cause. "Oh, I am so wanting the Beatles to become saints,"said Carrie Barstow, an English teacher in Santa Monica. "I asked my students if any of them could think of any miracles they could attribute to John or George. One of my students said she played the song "Hey, Jude" and the nausea associated with her hangover vanished. I am documenting this and sending it to the Vatican. I'm hopeful."

Angela Dalton, a hairdresser with Regis in East Hollywood, said she gets a "happy, warm feeling" when she thinks of her favorite actor, James Dean. "He was just so hot and so good in 'Giant,'" she said. "I just think he should be recognized in some kind of way."

Dominic said that the change would help the Church's image, too. "I think it would make people take a different look at the Church. If a certain person brings a smile to my face or makes me happy in some way, why shouldn't they be canonized?"

Barstow agreed. "Why does it always have to be about people being good? That isn't what inspires anymore. We want to be moved, and I think Brad Pitt does a good job of that, don't you?"


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