Friday, July 29, 2005

Thank You Note Friday (Filed under: Cantor-worthy blogs)

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And the advent wreath award goes to...

Every Friday, I am going to list all the blogs and bloggers who have linked to and/or written about stories posted on this blog during the week. On Fridays that I don't have thank yous to make, I will simply share my latest advent wreath making techniques. Enjoy.

So, here are this week's cantor-worthy blogs.

Technically Unsophisticated: Core's blog has a little bit of this and a little bit of that; he's got computer info mixed with current events, religious news and humor. He's a young guy, traumatized over the loss of some facial hair.

Happy Catholic: She's happy. She's Catholic. She's the Happy Catholic. And you thought Katie Couric was spunky. You were wrong.

The Curt Jester:The things this man does with Photoshop. If he had been around during Martin Luther's time, he could have ended that whole indulgences flap with one post.

The Anchoress: She's not a nun, but she could be. Even when a commenter totally disagrees with her - or is downright rude - she manages to respond in a charitable way. She's a good sport, that Anchoress.

The Pope: Yes, the Pope digs my blog. Is there something wrong with that?

American Digest: Gerard is a photographer and quite a talented one. Would he consider taking photos of some of my advent wreaths? Perhaps his people could talk to my people.

Musings of a Discerning Woman
Once upon a time there was a little girl who grew up and wanted to be a nun. That girl's name is Susan. Susan has a blog. Yesterday was Susan's birthday. Everyone wish Susan a happy birthday. The end. Wasn't that a beautiful story?

One Bread, One Body: G'day, blogger Jeff,
how are things Down Under, mate? I bet you get sick of dumb questions like this? I bet you guys don't even say mate, do you? Do you?

Papa Familias: His title's Latin; his blog is green. He likes baseball and his family. Papa Familias! Papa Familias! (Everybody, Papa Familias! Hey!)

OK, if you have written about a post you have seen at and I have left you out, please trackback me, so I can declare you cantor-worthy.

God bless, Maureen Martin

* Blogs listed in my thank you notes do not necessarily reflect my views or opinions, or the way I would state my views and/or opinions. However, some might.

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