Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The American Association of Abortion Providers (AAAP) Gears Up for Convention in Miami

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AAAP to Enjoy Weekend of Fun, Fellowship and Professional Development in Miami.

MIAMI -- The American Association of Abortion Providers (AAAP) is getting ready to enjoy some fun, sun, networking,and professional development when the 5th Annual Summer Convention kicks off, Aug. 1, at the Grande Pointe Resort in Miami.

"We started this association so that our members could get the latest industry news and information, and sharpen their professional skills," said Gina Morton, 2005 president of AAAP. "Abortion providers are important to this nation's economy. Many people don't realize it, but abortion providers pump tens of thousands of dollars into the economy every year. This convention itself will inject thousands of dollars in revenue into the local economy."

While in Miami, members will have the opportunity to attend a wide array of professional enrichment courses and seminars, including: "Marketing Abortion in Inner-City Neighborhoods," "Spanish 101: Publicizing Your Clinic to the Immigrant Market," "PR Focus: Pass the Margaritas: Combating Post-Abortive Depression," and "Governmental Affairs: Is Your State Pro-Parent?"

"We want to train our members in the latest public relations techniques and skills," said Don Lerner,AAAP public relations director. "Fortunately for us, the media has not scrutinized our industry in the same way they have others, such as the pet store or manicure boutique industries, for example. However, there may come a day when the media may do investigations of abortion clinic cleanliness, industry ethics, or the suicide rate of women who have had abortions. So, when and if that day comes, our members will be ready to get their message out there."

Lerner said this convention is a must for abortion providers. "We want our people to get their clinics and services into communities. We need to advertise more and be proud of what we do. Look at how the cigarette industry, and convenience stores such as Seven-Eleven got into poorer Urban areas and really set up shop. We need to do that.We need to be right there providing our services."

The association is even selling shirts as part of a new PR initiative. The pink baby doll shirts are studded with the rhinestone message, "I Had One. So *&%$# What?" "We are sending complimentary t-shirts to Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. It would be so awesome to open up US magazine one day and see a picture of one of these ladies wearing one of our shirts, and walking their dogs. We hope that will happen," said Lerner. "It doesn't even matter if these ladies have even had one. We think the shirt will be so popular, girls will say they did, even if they didn't!"

For her part, Morton said she can't wait for the event. "It will be so great to network with other abortion providers. We are so lucky to be living in a post-Roe v. Wade economy. Let the margaritas flow!"

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