Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Who Started the Catholic Church? According to New Poll, Who Knows?

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Mystery: Who Founded the Catholic Church?

MEMPHIS -- In a new poll, 80 percent of Catholics say they are not sure who founded the Catholic Church.

"I'm not sure myself," said Kiersten Sommer, a college freshman who attends mass at Christ the King Catholic Church in Memphis, Tenn. "I know Billy Graham or one of those guys started the Protestant Church, but I don't know who started our denomination."

"I think it was some monarch," said Sommer's boyfriend, Ted Aubrey. "It may have been an early pope, though."

The confusion doesn't just seem to be among those under 21, according to the poll. Karl Donahoe, a thirty-five-year-old gift shop manager in New Orleans, had to think a few minutes before making his guess, St. Peter. "No? St. Paul? No? Jesus, forgive me, but I give up."

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