Sunday, February 26, 2006

Indiana Man Miffed $25 Donation Only Garners Downspout

'The UAE donates $100 million to Katrina Aid and gets our ports, and all I get is this?'

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For his $25 donation, Harold Moore was given a downspout somewhere in Pakistan.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA-- An Indiana man said he is angry that his $25 donation to earthquake relief in Pakistan qualifies him for a downspout, while the UAE "gets the whole store" for their $100 million donation to Hurricane Katrina relief.

"Basically for my contribution, a downspout has been dedicated to me and my family," said Harold Moore, an electrical engineer who works for Dawson Industries in Indianapolis. "I'll never get to see or touch this downspout because it is attached to someone's house in Pakistan. There is no plaque, no engraving. Let's just say I've got a bad taste in my mouth from trying to help the needy."

Pundits and politicians from former President Jimmy Carter to Condoleeza Rice have said DP World, a UAE company, should be able to take control of six U.S. ports, based on the two countries' longstanding frienship, which includes a $100 million donation that UAE made to Hurricane Katrina relief.

"I guess the UAE gets whatever they want for being generous," said Moore. "What's next? Our nuclear power plants and naval ships? How do I get some of that?"

Many countries donated money to the U.S. in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the category 5 hurricane that hit parts of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Jamaica and Guatemala, two of the poorest countries in the world, donated thousands of dollars to Hurricane Katrina relief. As of yet, no officials from the two countries have claimed the Sno-Cone stand in Kenner, La., and the laundromat in Foley, Ala., the two pieces of real estate those donations have garnered.

"Our people were moved by the images they saw of hurricane victims, so our government made the decision to help our friends to the north," said Romone Davies, a government official in Kingston, Jamaica."We really don't want anything in return."

Moore said the UAE port deal makes him very angry about his own situation. "For $25, I should at least get a street sign or a drainage ditch," he said. "At least a drainage ditch is real estate, so to speak. It's not fair."


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